2018: “Center Finder and Coordinates Finder Tool

Majid Salehi, Amin Mohammadi, Shahin Shokouhifar

Iran Patent Number, 98952

In summary, the Center finder Tool is the mechanical tool that can find center all surfaces. In addition, this device can find the coordinates holes or point on the surfaces such as plate, paper, sheet, and so on. When a top rule moves in the X or Y direction, the distance display on the LCD that is set on the top rule. This tool is equipped with grippers that are set on the bottom rule and they can move simultaneously and automatically and grip plate edges for finding a center or coordinates surfaces. Furthermore, for cutting the special figures or lines, two clamps establish on the top rule that by two or one pen/chisel, can draw geometry lines or figures on the paper or plate.

2017: “Design and Fabrication Electro thermal Micro Gripper with less Adhesive Surfaces

Majid Salehi, Mojtaba Kolahdoozan

Iran Patent Number, 94909,

This Micro-Gripper can grip and release the micro or Nanoscale particles with low less adhesive forces. Furthermore, this device is manufactured by SiO2, Si3N4, Cr on the Si substrate, and methods deposition. In addition, Au is deposited on the other material for enhancing electrical conductivity. In addition, this device was designed in Solid works and analyzed in COMSOL Multiphysics.

2016:Design and Manufacturing Digital pipette with magnetic operation

Majid Salehi, Hamed Amirpour
Iran Patent Number, 88585,

The Digital Pipette with Magnetic Operation utilize in the laboratory in order to suction fluid (blood, liquid, etc.) that you can measure the deal liquid digitally displays by a linear encoder that installs on the glass pipe and this device can suction fetus ovule that can transform to another place for example: under the microscope for manipulating or other operations. One of the main advantages is that this device is cheaper than similar samples.

2011: Design and Manufacturing Digital Intelligent Water Meter with use of
charging without wireless

Majid Salehi, Mohammad Saeedfar

Iran Patent Number, 71489

With the advancement of electronic knowledge and the popularization of magnetic sensors, measuring the volume of gearbox fluids in the meter can be removed and the magnetic sensor is replaced. The method is that the current turbine in the meter continues to operate and the number of revolutions is measured by a magnetic sensor that can be analyzed by an electronic circuit. Processing the information sent from the sensor and calibrating it in standard conditions can provide users with a very high degree of fluidity digitally. In addition, this meter is equipped with an electronic charging system so that the amount of water consumed can be charged according to the number of people in a family. When the water consumption charging is finished, the system automatically turns off the water flow. As a result, when the charge is complete, the flow meter automatically turns off the flow and you have to buy a water charge to use it again. The most suitable temperature for the operation of this type of meter is between 5 to 50 degrees Celsius and the best water pressure is 10 to 16 bar.

How to charge can be via the Internet or through a device that is installed inside the house and includes an LCD and a card reader. The device alerts and text messages and notifies family members of the end of the charge. Recharge cards are in the form of credit, which can be used to charge the meter by purchasing or charging this card. This system helps to measure the flow of water to a particular region, is improved by means of connection to a local network or a wider network. These connections help the flow to be controlled from a remote location, thus eliminating the need for human intervention at those specific locations. Another advantage of this device is a mechanical valve that is placed inside the water meter and is able to turn off/on the stream.